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USANA Active Calcium™

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Complete bone health formula for adolescents and adults.

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USANA Active Calcium

Usana Active CalciumComplete bone health formula for adolescents and adults.

You want strong and healthy bones, so the question you need to ask yourself is, are you getting enough vitamin D? Because of limited time in the sun and an inadequate amount in the average diet, there is growing concern that Americans are not meeting the recommended amount of vitamin D. It’s important for your body’s structure and the integrity of your bones to absorb the right levels of calcium and magnesium, and vitamin D helps this process. The benefits of having strong bones include preventing bone fracture and even avoiding osteoporosis later in life.

USANA Active Calcium is a balanced and complete formula of these important ingredients. And what makes USANA Active Calcium “active” is the fact that the ingredients are bioavailable. For a calcium supplement to be effective, it must be absorbable, and USANA’s Active Calcium’s formula is the outstanding choice among competitors.

USANA Active Calcium Health Basics

  • Provides balanced levels of calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D in truly bioavailable forms
  • Helps maintain strong, mineral-rich bones*
  • Provides ingredients essential for healthy muscle function and strength*

Did You Know?

  • Millions of Americans have a vitamin D deficiency
  • USANA Active Calcium was designed to complement the USANA Essentials™ in providing the full amounts of calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D required daily for long-term health*
  • USANA Active Calcium, the Essentials, and an antioxidant booster are conveniently packaged in AM and PM doses with the USANA HealthPak™

USANA Active Calcium

Usana Active Calcium
Complete bone health formula

Throughout life, bones are in a constant state of reformation as calcium is continually removed from and re-deposited in the bones. Adequate levels of calcium are needed every day to ensure that bone mineral density is maintained. If people do not get enough calcium from their diets, the body will take it from bone structure, which results in a net loss of bone calcium.

USANA Active Calcium and USANA Active Calcium Chewable are more than calcium supplements. They are carefully formulated, clinically proven bone-building formulas. Both contain calcium citrate and carbonate, magnesium, vitamin D, and silicon to optimize bone mineralization and to ensure proper calcium use.*

Calcium and Your Health

Deficiencies of calcium, magnesium, boron, and vitamin D can contribute to the development of osteoporosis, thinning of the bones that makes them prone to fracture. Although signs of osteoporosis usually don’t occur until the later years of life, getting the proper amount of calcium in our diet when we’re young helps build strong bones and reduces the risk of osteoporosis in the future, as long as dietary intake continues to be adequate. Adolescents who make even a five percent gain in bone mass in their teens may reduce the risk of osteoporosis by 40 percent.

In addition to maintaining healthy bones, calcium is critical to normal nerve conduction, muscle contraction, blood clotting (provided it is normal to begin with), cell division, and electrical conduction in the heart. It is also essential for producing and activating enzymes and hormones that regulate digestion, energy, and fat metabolism.*

Magnesium and Vitamin D

Magnesium is an essential mineral that accounts for about 0.05 percent of the body’s total weight. Along with calcium, it is an important component of strong, healthy bones.
Vitamin D enhances calcium absorption in the small intestine and calcium utilization in bone formation.

Vitamin D also influences the utilization of phosphorus, another mineral that is important for strong bones.*


Silicon gives stability to all the connective tissues of the body and is essential for proper calcium utilization. Silicon is key to the calcium mineralization of the bone matrix.*

Why USANA Active Calcium?

USANA Active Calcium is enhanced with boron and vitamin K. Boron reduces calcium excretion and increases deposition of calcium in the bone. Vitamin K influences the level of osteocalcin in the bone-forming cells and thus the rate of mineralization of bone.*

USANA Supplement Facts  USANA Active Calcium

Directions: take four (4) tablets daily, preferably with meals.


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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. †Some images and text in this publication are the copyrights of USANA Health Sciences, Inc. and are reproduced with their permission.